TroFilms GmbH: Successful pre-audit for certification to DIN EN ISO 9001


Company headquarters of TroFilms GmbH in Georgensgmünd - planning for certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 this summer


Georgensgmünd, 29 May 2019 - TroFilms GmbH, a medium-sized and globally operating specialist for high-quality special laminating films for the graphic arts industry, based in Georgensgmünd in Germany, can look back on a successful pre-audit as part of the planned certification according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


On April 24 of this year, the company was ready with the internal preparations for the implementation of the QM system. An external auditor from a well-known certification authority was invited to carry out a one-day, routine pre-audit to check the current status of the preparation activities. The consistently satisfactory results show the current degree of compliance with the standard. Such milestones represent a good opportunity for the internal benchmarking of ‘target/actual’ under operating conditions and are thus the perfect starting point for successful certification in the summer of this year.

The capacity expansion activities, the introduction of a new ERP system and further investments in process-supporting equipment in the areas of logistics, operational safety and occupational safety, which were initiated in parallel with the certification due to the company's good order situation, were also included in the documentation.


Ralf Troyer, Managing Director of TroFilms GmbH, comments on the current progress: "The externally commissioned project manager for the implementation of the quality management system was able to establish very quickly that the data output and recording basis as well as all basic organizational necessities were available to TroFilms GmbH from the outset. Thus, we were able to establish an appointment for a pre-audit at a very early stage and are looking forward to the upcoming certification audit in the summer very calmly". Ralf Troyer continues: "With all current additional work resulting from the introduction of the QM system, the actions to expand capacity and the introduction of the new ERP system, I made it an inviolable condition right from the start that this must in no case have a negative effect on the quality of our products, our worldwide service and our production and shipping capacities. Not only did we manage to do this, we were even able to increase our production, storage and shipping capacities during this time. The quality of our products remained provably at the accustomed highest level and our well-known high level of customer service improved in timing, as well as in individual evaluation and customer satisfaction for both dealer and direct customer business".


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About TroFilms GmbH:

The medium-sized TroFilms GmbH, which is based in Georgensgmünd in Germany, is established as a renowned and innovative manufacturer of laminating films for the graphic arts and industrial lamination industry. The company currently sells its products in 28 countries and has a well-developed dealer and sales network worldwide. The successful development of the company earned it several prestigious awards. Among other things, the Founder's Award as the best "Start UP" company, which is awarded by the Sparkasse in Middle Franconia, and the Founder's Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2014, TroFilms GmbH was also nominated for the German Founder Award. Since August 2019 TroFilms GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015. TroFilms does not compete with any of its customers, since it does not process any goods itself.

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