Arno Dürr, Sales Manager of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH in conversation on the joint PrintCity stand at FACHPACK 2022 (Image: © MesseNürnbergGmbH)

Gerhardshofen, 20 October 2022 – "Normal trade fair feeling again at last!" was the tenor of exhibitors and visitors at FACHPACK, which was held in Nuremberg from 27 - 29 September 2022 according to the initiator, NürnbergMesse GmbH. Around 32,000 trade visitors, from 89 predominantly European countries, took the opportunity to find out about current trends and innovations at the exhibition stands of the 1,154 exhibitors and to discuss pressing packaging issues with experts.

This year, the German company WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, an internationally renowned manufacturer of coatings, varnishes, lacquers, inks and adhesives for the graphic arts industry, was once again one of these exhibitors. The company could be found on the PrintCity Alliance joint stand in Hall 7A, Stand 228, together with PrintCity member companies Leonhard Kurz, IST Metz, Metsä Board and Zeller+Gmelin.

Arno Dürr, Sales Manager of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, commented on participation at the fair: "Of course it was also an excellent feeling for us as exhibitors to finally - after three years - be live on site again and to be able to personally greet our customers, colleagues and business partners and inform them about our latest products and innovations. We finally had the opportunity to present our brand new production line for UV lacquers. This is also one of the most modern and efficient systems in the world in our industry sector, in line with our production line for water-based coatings, which was completed in 2019, and through their use, a highly efficient and more sustainable production of our UV lacquers is now also possible. The new equipment has resulted in visible improvements in the quality of our products and in even higher production capacities, with increased flexibility - also due to the high degree of automation - which has also led us to revise our product catalogue in recent years. We also used the three days of the fair to communicate these positive changes to our customers, sales and business partners."

Also in conjunction with PrintCity members, the company gave a presentation on 28 September in the new FACHPACK InnovationBox on the topic: Responsible and Luxurious - Sustainable Finishing. Arno Dürr, who presented the latest SENOLITH® UV LED lacquers for WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH among other things, explained the content of the presentation: "The main theme of this year's FACHPACK was Transition In Packaging. And not without reason, of course. In Europe in particular, there has been a noticeable trend towards more environmentally friendly printing and packaging solutions for years, and it goes without saying that we, as a renowned manufacturer of varnishes, coatings, lacquers, adhesives and flexo inks, have also been working increasingly on solutions for more resource-friendly printing and packaging solutions for many years. For example, we recently introduced new, high-performance barrier coatings whose use can reduce the need for PE coatings for many packaging solutions, including in the food and even frozen food sectors. This gives brand owners the opportunity to completely dispense with the use of plastics and composites in many areas while maintaining an almost identical barrier, which can have a positive effect on the recyclability of such packaging. But we also reckon that the reduction of energy resources in the production chain, for example through the use of performance-optimised drying and curing processes such as UV-LED technology, offers great potential for savings and we are developing products specially adapted to these technologies. The fact that environmentally friendly finishing has a positive impact on the sustainability of printed products and that finishing by means of varnishes, adhesives and flexo inks is not in conflict with environmental protection and sustainability was excellently illustrated in our presentation and with the help of our print samples."

Also introduced as part of PrintCity's joint presence at FACHPACK 2022 were the PrintCity PRINT GUARDIANS. These are four new promotional characters, designed in a cartoon style and optimally tailored to the four PrintCity members Kurz, IST, Metsä and Zeller+Gmelin. The four PRINT GUARDIANS under the names Glorious (Kurz), Violet (IST), Spectrum (Z+G) and Protector (WEILBURGER Graphics) are equipped with "superpowers" and are intended to characterise the team and the competences of the PrintCity members in a modern, appealing and enjoyable way in future.

Protector, the PRINT GUARDIAN of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH introduces himself as follows: "Hello, my name is Protector! In the circle of the PRINT GUARDIANS, I am considered to be particularly reliable, helpful and resilient. I am able to rise to any challenge. My superpower is my shield, with which I surround you with a magical protective shell and protect you from foreign influences. Indestructible, I am always at your side and adapt to every requirement. With my varnishes, adhesives and flexo inks, I offer you solutions for print finishing for your packagings, labels and commercial printing."

Rainer Kuhn, Managing Director of PrintCity Alliance on the idea behind the PRINT GUARDIANS: "With the PRINT GUARDIANS we are opening a new chapter in the communication of the alliance: Young, fresh and certainly unusual! We want to express the dynamics and the spirit of the members' cooperation to the outside world. From the very beginning, we have been working together at the limits of the currently technically feasible in order to find solutions for the most difficult challenges. And what could visualise this better than a superhero team? Each strong and competent on their own, but together even stronger and more powerful."

Further information on the PRINT GUARDIANS can be found on the PrintCity website at www.printcity.de.

Further information: www.weilburger.com



WEILBURGER Graphics on the joint PrintCity exhibition stand at FACHPACK 2022.
WEILBURGER Graphics on the joint PrintCity exhibition stand at FACHPACK 2022.
WEILBURGER Graphics on the joint PrintCity exhibition stand at FACHPACK 2022.
WEILBURGER Graphics on the joint PrintCity exhibition stand at FACHPACK 2022.
WEILBURGER Graphics on the joint PrintCity exhibition stand at FACHPACK 2022.
WEILBURGER Graphics on the joint PrintCity exhibition stand at FACHPACK 2022.
Sample box from WEILBURGER Graphics with associated augmented reality app.
Waterproof FRANCONIAN COOLNESS box from WEILBURGER Graphics with associated augmented reality app.
TO-GO packaging produced jointly with STI using the brand new SENOFLEX® WB INKS FP DC series and with functional, fully recyclable barrier based on SENOLITH® WB BARRIER COATING FP PLUS 350023.
The PRINT GUARDIANS of PrintCity - Protector (WEILBURGER Graphics), Violet (IST Metz), Glorious (Kurz) and Spectrum (Zeller+Gmelin) (left to right).

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