WEILBURGER Graphics at drupa 2024

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, an internationally renowned manufacturer of varnishes, inks and adhesives for the graphic arts industry, will once again be exhibiting at this year's drupa in Düsseldorf in Hall 1 Stand A24 together with IST METZ GmbH & Co. KG and Kocher+Beck GmbH & Co. Rotationsstanztechnik KG. This will be the seventh time that the company has taken part in the leading international trade fair for the printing industry.

The Franconian company has used the eight years since the last drupa to intensively promote the topics of quality, innovation and sustainability. This is reflected not only in the greatly expanded product range of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, but also along the entire value chain. WEILBURGER Graphics calls it the QIS principle.

True to the motto "standing still is going backwards", the company has been able to massively expand its international market position since the last drupa and is one of the leading manufacturers in the graphic arts industry, not least thanks to the installation of one of the world's most modern production facilities for water-based and UV varnishes.

This position is also reflected in the company's environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. For several years, WEILBURGER Graphics has successfully participated in the UN Global Compact of the United Nations for the sustainable globalisation of social and ecological corporate processes and last year for the first time achieved the gold medal in the EcoVadis ranking, the current industry standard for global sustainability ratings. At WEILBURGER Graphics, the QIS principle for more quality, innovation and sustainability is of course also anchored in the renewed increase in quality of all products thanks to the new, highly automated, and modular plant systems in Industry 4.0 standard as well as a significantly higher production capacity and speed with an overall lower environmental impact.

These plant systems also contribute to increased occupational safety for all employees and were a key factor in the company's completely revised and expanded product catalogue. Last year, the company re-evaluated all WB products and reorganised its product numbering system on this basis and is currently in the process of organising this changeover for all UV products.

To make this process as simple as possible for customers and dealers, the company has developed a comprehensive service app for various device platforms, which not only allows product numbers to be easily converted, but also enables complete production planning and order calculations to be carried out in just a few simple steps and even orders to be triggered. This is another example of WEILBURGER Graphics' strength in innovation and service.

WEILBURGER Graphics has also committed itself to the important topic of the environment in the area of new and innovative products and will be presenting at drupa, among other topics, new barrier coatings that enable the replacement of plastic-coated cardboard packaging in the food sector, new blister coatings that enable the use of solid cardboard blisters for products that are still produced with plastic lids, as well as new in-mould coatings with improved dishwasher resistance that can contribute to the production of reusable instead of disposable tableware.

In the label sector, the company is presenting new textured and matt coatings for coated and uncoated substrates. For narrow web printing on non-absorbent substrates, a new SENOSOFT® coating for sachet production will be presented. And a new tactile textured coating for more environmentally friendly cosmetic tubes on paper-based laminates. Of course, the company will also have its sample box with 24 folding cartons and the SENOSCREEN® sample guide on site. The company has once again produced special packaging samples for all the innovative products with numerous production partners and is providing its customers and retailers with lots of additional knowledge via tutorials, special landing pages, augmented reality apps and explainer videos.

Günter Korbacher, Managing Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, on the company's participation in drupa: "Eight years is a long time in the printing industryWe are therefore delighted to be able to show our visitors at this year's drupa how intensively we at WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH have made use of this time. At the last drupa in 2016, we presented our new corporate design and with it our new claim Worldwide. Nearby. On Top. At drupa 2024, we can now emphatically demonstrate the passion, ambition and success with which we have implemented this claim since then.WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH 2024 has grown and evolved in all areas. It now shares only three key characteristics with WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH from 2016: a love of the printing and packaging industry, an enormous commitment to service that is practised by all employees and a desire, deeply rooted in our company, to offer highly innovative and top-quality products at fair prices."

Günter Korbacher continues: "We are already looking forward to the intensive dialogue with our customers, interested parties and business partners. It is precisely this intensive close proximity to the market, which we have maintained for years, that spurs us on each time anew to further develop ourselves and our product portfolio and to continue to grow healthily and sustainably."

Further information: www.weilburger.com


Press images:

Sparkling wine cooler from WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, produced with SENOLITH® WB FP PLUS BARRIER COATING 60F 3025, SENOLITH® WB FP GLOSS COATING 60F 1000 and SENOLITH® WB FP MATT COATING 20F 1200.


Inmould label cups from WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, produced with SENOLITH® WB GLOSS COATING FOR INMOULD LABEL LA 4-14/400 A.
Self-adhesive wine labels in narrow web offset printing on uncoated substrate with hot embossing in gold and the SENOSCREEN® UV RELIEF GLOSS LACQUER FOR UNCOATED PAPER 82R.
Self-adhesive wine labels in narrow-web offset printing on a coated substrate with hot embossing in silver, the excellently overprintable SENOWEB® UV GLOSS LACQUER STAMPABLE FP 360879 and the sand structure screen printing.
Tube samples in digital printing on special paper-based tube laminate with offline applied textured lacquer SENOWEB® UV FILM MATT LACQUER TEXTURED SAND FP UV 5-24/002 A.
Sachet samples in narrow web flexo printing on special composite laminate with tactile matt/gloss coating effect using the new SENOSOFT® WB UV MATT COATING UV 6-22/006 A in combination with the SENOWEB® UV GLOSS LACQUER FP 360878.
The innovative service app from WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH. Available free of charge as a native app for iOS and Android, as a web app and as a browser app.
WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH receives the EcoVadis Gold Medal in 2023.

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WEILBURGER Graphics is one of the most important developers and manufacturers of high-quality, innovative and sustainable dispersion and UV varnishes, flexo inks and adhesives for the graphic arts industry. Everywhere, worldwide and in all disciplines of the printing and packaging industry, WEILBURGER Graphics products create added value and convincing advantages. They preserve and protect, enhance functions and embellish, connect and refine. They give your products a distinctive look and feel. They impress on paper and cardboard, plastic and foil, metal and alternative substrates. ►WEILBURGER Graphics products create surfaces and functions that inspire people all over the world.


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