WEILBURGER Graphics as exhibitor at the ninth IST UV-Days


Printing samples of the new SENOLITH® UV GLOSS LACQUER INLINE FP NDC PLUS 360430: The Weilburger Arrow box with new inlay and four printing samples based on the new, self-crosslinking SENOLITH® UV FP PLUS class.


Gerhardshofen, April 18th 2019 –WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, based in Gerhardshofen, Franconia, will be exhibiting at the biannual UV-Days of IST METZ GmbH in Nürtingen from May 13th – 16th this year.


The company will be presenting its latest range of SENOLITH® UV and SENOLITH® UV LED lacquer series as well as a groundbreaking new UV lacquer under the new SENOLITH® UV FP PLUS product class, which is no longer based on “classic” photoinitiators. The UV lacquer technology optimized by WEILBURGER Graphics for this PLUS lacquer series and being used for the first time in this new product class dispenses with the use of low-molecular photoinitiators such as benzophenone or 4-methylbenzphenon, which minimize the migration of fission products. The use of low molecular weight compounds < 1000 Dalton is dispended with. The UV radiation initiates a self-crosslinking process which leads to a high crosslinking density of the polymer matrix.


Thanks to this new crosslinking technology, the new SENOLITH® UV GLOSS LACQUER INLINE FP NDC PLUS 360430 is particularly low migration and thus ideally suited for use in the food industry.

The SENOLITH® UV FP PLUS lacquers can be processed inline as well as offline with all common standard UV lamp systems.


All classical advantages of UV lacquer systems:

  • Immediate curing
  • Immediate further processing possible (inline)
  • No powder dusting in sheetfed offset
  • 100 % systems (solvent free, no VOC emissions)
  • Very high gloss, higher mechanical and chemical resistance of the lacquer film
  • No skin formation
  • High production speeds
  • Optimal stacking properties

are also given in the company’s new UV FP PLUS lacquers.

Furthermore, the new SENOLITH® UV GLOSS LACQUER INLINE FP NDC PLUS 360430 is absolutely odorless, embossable and can also be used as a carrier lacquer for effect pigments. A combination with conventional UV lacquers and primers is already possible. Further UV PLUS lacquers for hybrid effect applications, hot foil embossing and with different gloss levels and viscosities are currently in the test phase and will expand the spectrum of the UV FP PLUS class of WEILBURGER Graphics in the future.


Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the participation: “The inhouse of IST METZ GmbH in Nürtingen, with more than 40 exhibitors on 2000 m2 with more than 30 live demos and almost 1000 visitors in the last years has become the world’s largest inhouse for optical systems and our previous participations have always been a great success. Therefore, we are looking forward this year to be able to advise technically highly versed professional audience in a relaxed atmosphere about our wide product range as well as our latest developments and also to meet new faces as well as old friends.”


Highlights of the ninth inhouse of the company IST in Nürtingen:

"Tradition meets modernity" is the motto of the ninth annual UV Days, which will take place from May 13th – 16th 2019 in Nürtingen, Germany. Many industries are increasingly struggling to strike a balance between continuity and change. External pressure, digitalization, artificial intelligence and autonomous manufacturing are just some of the reasons for this. While the world around is changing faster and faster, many people are looking to change down a gear and find stability. Now the digital hype has died down, analogue is experiencing a rebirth – it's all about 'offline' again!


Further information: www.weilburger.com


Günter Korbacher

Managing Director

Phone: +49 9163 9992-100
E-Mail: g.korbacher@weilburger-graphics.de

Am Rosenbühl 5
91466 Gerhardshofen

Arno Dürr

Sales Manager

Phone: +49 9163 9992-200
E-Mail: a.duerr@weilburger-graphics.de

Am Rosenbühl 5
91466 Gerhardshofen

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