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The Dutch company has successfully completed its transformation process.

Waalwijk, August 03, 2022 - Based in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, Univacco Holland BV, a specialist supplier of high-quality hot and cold transfer products for the printing and packaging industry, has completely realigned itself in recent years with a view to the future.

The starting signal and biggest step in this transformation was already taken in 2018 with the laying of the foundation stone for the new, ultra-modern and environmentally friendly new building in the Haven industrial estate, directly on the A59 and thus with the best transport connections to all European cities as well as to the four important seaports of the Netherlands Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Zeeland and Groningen. For cargo airfreight, Amsterdam Schiphol and Maastricht Aachen Airport as well as Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport are in the direct vicinity.

The building itself is designed as a zero-net-energy structure. This means that, calculated over the year, no energy is consumed and the company can therefore operate completely self-sufficiently. This was achieved by means of intelligent supply technology, coupled with photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, condensing boiler heating, a heat exchange system and continuous full air conditioning of all areas. Univacco Holland BV can thus probably even be classified as climate-neutral at the new location.

Furthermore, attention was paid to maximum ergonomics for all employees and a high proportion of daylight, even in production. All workplaces are designed to be stress-free for the employees, and specially designed multi-axis crane systems are available to the employees, especially for heavy-duty applications, e.g. when processing large parent rolls.

The new headquarters has a total area of 7,500 m² on a site of 10,000 m². The production area is very generously dimensioned at 2,100 m² and thus offers sufficient space for fast material throughput even at peak times and for expansion.

Furthermore, the building was equipped with a modern heavy-duty high-bay warehouse. On a total of 2,300 m2 (approx. 20,000 m3), the company has ensured sufficient storage capacity to be able to meet its customers' demands for quickly available goods in the future as well and, above all, to always have sufficient quantities of the standard products from its extensive portfolio in stock. In addition, the company also offers its customers the possibility of customer-specific and prefabricated warehousing of transfer products in a wide range of widths, lengths and cores. In addition, a 350 m2 transit warehouse is available for fluid material input and output. All stock is managed by the company's internal ERP system and identified by barcode system. A fully equipped test laboratory is also available for quality assurance.

The office wing is accessed via 1,200 m2 and is equipped with state-of-the-art network technology. A fully automatic and smart air conditioning of all office rooms is achieved via 4-pipe induction units, which are designed for both cooling and heating. This allows all offices to be optimally adjusted to the individually desired room temperatures in an energy-saving manner.

All areas also have state-of-the-art, bionic access control and an intelligently designed warning and fire protection system throughout.

A modern equipped canteen over 250 m2 with kitchen, cocktail bar and entertainment zone for all employees and visitors of the company promotes social contact and a good work-life balance.

In addition, the new location has sufficient parking spaces for staff and visitors, some of which are already equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as two large LED video screens (11 x 5 m and 5 x 3 m) facing the busy, adjacent highway, which are used to present marketing content as well as, among other things, current job postings for interested regional parties.

The new building was ready for occupation in the summer of 2021. Thanks to perfect planning and the highly motivated commitment of all employees, the company was able to manage the move smoothly and without any major complications or downtime during ongoing production.

Fons van Delft, Managing Director of Univacco Holland BV, on the new building: "Our declared approach was to make our new location in Waalwijk as environmentally friendly as possible and to create a future-proof basis for the expansion of our company, which has been going on for years. We have therefore spared neither expense nor effort in the realization of our new headquarters. And already today, and not least due to the geopolitical events and their far-reaching effects on prices for energy and logistics, longer freight and delivery times on the international market and the fear of a gas and raw material embargo, we can be sure that we have chosen the absolutely right path. Thanks to the enormous storage capacities we now have, we are in a position to guarantee our customers the availability of our products even in the long term. And the self-sufficient structure of our new production facility also makes us less dependent on energy bottlenecks and rising prices. Our new building doesn't even have a gas connection." Fons van Delft adds, "Of course, despite all its advantages, this new headquarters does not arm us against all the economic consequences of these geopolitical developments. We are also feeling the effects of increased freight costs, delivery times and raw material costs. But thanks to the benefits of our far-sighted planning when designing the new site, we can already deal with the current situation in a somewhat more relaxed manner than we would have been able to do without this investment. "

Just a few months after moving into the new headquarters, the company began to modernize its external image and to revamp both its corporate design and its entire marketing.

Miro Ivsan, Head of Sales & Product Management at Univacco Holland BV, comments: "Of course we were aware that our external appearance - especially via our old website - was anything but up-to-date. But in addition to the extensive planning and realization measures for the new building, we honestly had neither the time nor the leisure to also take care of our marketing relaunch at the same time. We therefore decided not to tackle these necessary measures in all areas of our corporate communications until after we had moved into the new building. But then we had to do it properly and with equal energy and conviction. And that's what we did. Again, we first questioned everything about our design, marketing and all areas of our external presentation and corporate communications, leaving no stone unturned. With professional advice and help, we thus also succeeded in completely realigning our entire corporate image in a very short time and adapting it to both our new headquarters and our new corporate philosophy."

Miro Ivsan continues: "Our new image is now excellently reflected in all areas of communication. We now have a state-of-the-art, responsible website that invites customers and interested parties to learn more about us and our products, we have commissioned new company videos that also provide insights into our new headquarters, and we have completely relaunched and regularly maintain our social networking accounts. As a result, we no longer need to hide with our communication and marketing materials and are proud of our new presence."

Fons van Delft concludes: "Of course we are not stopping here. We still have a lot of plans for our external image and are already putting them into practice in order to continue to provide our customers with plenty of added value and, of course, the good feeling that they have made the right choice with us as a supplier of high-quality hot and cold transfer products - also for the future."

Further information: www.univacco.eu



Univacco Holland BV
Gompenstraat 7
5145 RM Waalwijk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)416 300 900
E-mail: info@univacco.eu

Press contact: news@univacco.eu



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The new, modern and environmentally friendly headquarters of Univacco Holland BV in Waalwijk.
Production area over 2,100 m2 - fully air-conditioned, highly ergonomic and flooded with daylight.
Modern heavy-duty high-bay warehouse covering approx. 20,000 m3 with extremely high stock levels for maximum availability.
New, modern and responsible website of Univacco Holland BV at www.univacco.eu.
New Company Video of the company with insights into the new headquarters, can be found via the com-pany's website or https://youtu.be/tNK1Ky28ctY.




Fons van Delft
Managing Director
Tel.: +31 (0) 650 237 334
E-mail: fons@vandelft.biz

Miro Ivsan
Sales & Product Management
Mobile: +49 (0)151 2917 6266
E-mail: miro@univacco.eu


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