Unavoidable price increase for printing inks due to high raw material and logistics costs


Stefan Schülling, Member of the Board of Management at Epple Druckfarben AG and responsible for Sales and Finance: "An economically strong printing industry can only be guaranteed with adequate market prices." © Epple Druckfarben AG


The supply chain conditions for raw materials, packaging and shipping have become increasingly difficult for printing ink manufacturers such as Epple Druckfarben AG in the past few months. To continue as an economically robust business within this cost structure, Epple Druckfarben AG will be increasing the prices of its sheetfed offset printing inks, coatings and printing chemicals on 1st February 2022.


Stefan Schülling, Member of the Executive Board at Epple Druckfarben AG and responsible for Sales and Finance, on the strained market situation: “We, and the entire industry urgently need to find answers to the current economic challenges. The increased costs of raw materials, including pigments and plant-based oils, the shortages in the upstream petrochemical supply chains, and the high shipping and packaging costs are destabilising the entire printing value chain.” Epple Druckfarben AG will not compromise on the quality of its premium “Made in Germany” printing inks. Which is why the company views increasing the price of its portfolio of printing inks, coatings and printing chemicals as an inevitable step.

During the pandemic, Epple proved to be a highly stable, crisis-proof company that is capable of delivering. One reason for this is the targeted implementation of cost-reducing measures. These include internal process optimisations as well as searching for new procurement options. Stefan Schülling notes: “However, this isn’t enough for our high-quality portfolio and to continue to operate profitably. We hope for an economically strong printing industry, which is only possible if market prices are adequate. This applies to printing inks, paper and of course, also to the finished print products.”

Regional customer service representatives or sales partners from Epple will be advising its customers in the next few weeks on the future pricing and are available to answer questions at any time.












Epple Druckfarben AG stands for pure perfection in every detail. Since it was founded in 1870, the company has epitomised continuous development and the highest quality standards. As one of the leading producers of offset inks, Epple has demonstrated its innovative strength in the early development of its mineral oil-free eco series and special ink types for very long intervals between wash-ups in perfecting. Its innovation is shown once more in its range of inks for food packaging with the patented products BoFood® MU and BoFood® Organic. The medium-sized family-run company places a high priority on sustainability and a flexible approach. Epple is rare among companies in that it offers customised solutions for the individual requests of its global customers.

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