Two new apps from WEILBURGER Graphics


FRANCONIAN COOLNESS augmented reality app from WEILBURGER Graphics for iOS.
The COATING CALC coating quantity calculator - app from WEILBURGER Graphics for iOS and Android.


Gerhardshofen, February 04th 2021 – WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, an international manufacturer of coatings, flexo inks and adhesives for the graphic industry, based in Gerhardshofen, Franconia, recently released two new mobile apps.



This is an augmented reality app specifically for the FRANCONIAN COOLNESS drink cooler, which was launched in November last year. The purpose of this app is to familiarise the user in a playful way with the functions and effects of the demo packaging through the use of the new waterproof SENOLITH® WB BARRIER COATING FP DC 350025 as well as other SENOLITH® WB, SENOSOFT® WB and SENOSCREEN® UV protective and finishing coatings used in this project. The app is designed to work both with and without the sample box. If the user has the original sample box, he can scan it with his camera in the first variant and can call up multimedia information as well as instructions and tutorials in German and English about the project. If the user is not in possession of the beverage cooler, the app guides them to simply project a virtual version of the box into their environment and they can then explore this fully animated 3D version of the beverage cooler in the same way as they would with the first version. The app is currently available for iOS for use on iPhones, iPads and iPods and can be obtained free of charge from the App Store.

Link to the app:

An Android version of this app is currently in the implementation phase.

Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the AR app: "Product innovations such as our new, waterproof SENOLITH® WB BARRIER COATING FP DC 350025 are often difficult to describe or understand in terms of their implications for new, environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Therefore, it is exactly the playful approach to the design backgrounds and technical requirements for the implementation of such new solutions that is an excellent tool to inspire our customers, packaging designers and brand owners for the possibilities we have create through such innovations. Augmented reality is not only in vogue, but also offers us enormous added value for the present packaging project with all its functions and finishing effects as well as future solutions to make such solutions more comprehensible. All customers and interested parties who do not yet have the original box and would like to examine, test and explore it via the app are invited to order this box via our Technical Service or our international sales partners.”



After the great popularity of the coating quantity calculator web apps already offered via the company’s website, the company has now decided to implement this app, which is also offered as a desktop version, as a native app for iOS and Android. With the help of this app, the company’s customers can easily determine the required coating quantities for print job, both for coating unit applications and for printing varnishes and hybrid systems, on the basis of the productions parameters relevant to the print job, right through the selected anilox roller specification. Further information on the circulation quantities required by the plant rounds of the overall function of the app. The app also provides contact information for regional contacts, making it a valuable tool for order calculation and purchasing for the company’s customers.

The app is multilingual – currently German, English, Spanish, Polish and Russian – and is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) as well as Android (smartphones and tablets). Of course, this app is also free of charge.

Link to the App Store for iOS devices:

Link to the Play Store for Android devices:

The desktop version can be accessed via the following link:

Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the app: "After our first tests for such a coating quantity calculator via web app, our customers signaled that they appreciate this service offer and really use it in their daily work, we decided to offer this app now also as a native app for iOS as well as Android. Native apps have the advantage that they are easier to keep up to date. Customer loyalty is thus even more intimate, and especially in the event of changes to the contact persons relevant to the customer, we want to be sure here that we can always provide the latest data. We are also currently planning to expand this app into a service app with an even greater range of functions. Unfortunately, web apps reach their technical limits a bit too quickly. The step towards native app development was therefore certainly good and right and will enable us to provide our customers with maximum service in this area as well in the future.”



Günter Korbacher

Managing Director

Phone: +49 9163 9992-100

Am Rosenbühl 5
91466 Gerhardshofen

Arno Dürr

Sales Manager

Phone: +49 9163 9992-200

Am Rosenbühl 5
91466 Gerhardshofen

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