The 4th Worldwide Partners Meeting of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH

Company tour and inspection of the new production facility


WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH in the Franconian town of Gerhardshofen, hosted the biennial Worldwide Partners Meeting for the fourth time and this time as part of the 140th anniversary celebration from October 23rd until 24th in 2019.


All of the company's worldwide sales partners are regularly invited to a joint networking event to present new products from the global specialist for coatings, inks and adhesives for the graphic industry, to discuss general information on trends in the printing industry as well as to promote the contact and exchange of all sales partners. The event was very well attended again this year.

This year, the partners came from Brazil, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Latvia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.


The detailed program:


Wednesday October 23rd 2019


12:00                  Come-Together and lunchtime snack


13:00                  Welcome and company presentation
                          Günter Korbacher, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH

                          Arno Dürr, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


13:30                  Environment and sustainability

                          Presentation NEW production line
                          Felix Lucht, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


14:15                  Company tour


15:15                  Coffee break


15:45                  Exhibitions and events 2020
                          Arno Dürr, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


19:00                  Networking-Dinner at restaurant “KOHLENMÜHLE”



Thursday, October 24th 2019


09:00                  Product news and applications
                          Bastian Pinsenschaum, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


10:30                  Top Seller

                          Rainer Seibel-Birkholz, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


11:30                  Lunch snack


12:00                  Feedback from participants, requests, suggestions for improvement


19.00                  Anniversary party of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH – 140 YEARS


Günter Korbacher, Managing Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the successful event: “We are organizing our Worldwide Partners Meeting today for the seventh year and we are always delighted that so many of our worldwide sales and service partners - both long-term and new - take the time to accept our invitation to Gerhardshofen every time again. The direct personal contact with our partners is a guarantee of success for us and enables us to offer the same quality and service that our direct customers are accustomed to through our sales partners, even in sales areas where we may not speak the language.” Günter Korbacher completed: “This year we were also able to combine the pleasant with the useful and invited our partners to our 140th anniversary in the vicinity of our new SENOLITH® WB production system. Our partners naturally contribute a large part to our global success and we also wanted to thank them for this with our event.”


Further information:


Günter Korbacher

Managing Director

Phone: +49 9163 9992-100

Am Rosenbühl 5
91466 Gerhardshofen

Arno Dürr

Sales Manager

Phone: +49 9163 9992-200

Am Rosenbühl 5
91466 Gerhardshofen

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