Scodix Leads Embellishments into the Future with New Product Lineup at Drupa 2024

Two new presses, two new technologies and six new enhancement applications to debut

Scodix, Israel, April 17, 2024 – Scodix, the leading provider of digital embellishment solutions, gears up for a triumphant display at drupa as it announces today that two new presses will be launched at the show, the Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD and the Scodix Ultra 6500 SHD. In addition to Scodix SHD (Smart High Definition) technology, the two new presses also see the debut of Scodix MLE (Multi-layer Enhancement) and Scodix AI, an automated embellishment creator tool.

Scodix MLE opens a whole new dimension for embellishments on uncoated paper, favored for sustainability and affordability. The key to Scodix MLE is the ability to apply multiple Scodix layers in a single pass. For uncoated paper, the first layer acts as a selective micro coating primer before Scodix Foil™ or Scodix Sense™. With the flexibility to add layering, braille and crystal effects become more economical.

Made possible with Scodix SHD technology, now integrated into the new presses, and the introduction of Scodix MLE, Scodix is adding six new applications to the current ten, making Scodix the only solution with 16 embellishment options available. These include: Scodix Uncoated, Scodix Sculpture, Scodix Matte, Scodix Security, Scodix Reflective, and by incorporating Scodix Art embellishing on transparent media with Scodix Transparent is now available on the Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD and the Scodix Ultra 6500 SHD presses.

In addition, both presses deliver new levels of automation and reduce the cost-per-page for incorporating value-added enhancement into printed products. The new product introductions signify the continued innovation Scodix brings to the world of enhancement, bridging the gap between traditional and digital technologies.

Elevating capabilities for enhancing print even further, Scodix is the first to introduce AI technology for automating embellishment additions. Drawing from databases of Scodix-enhanced pages, it suggests intelligent, proven design options, whilst also providing data on cost-per-page so print buyers can create embellished designs quickly and intelligently.

The new Scodix technologies, Scodix MLE and Scodix AI, join four existing Scodix technologies: Scodix SHD – for the finest enhancement quality experience yet, Scodix VDE (Variable Data Enhancement), Scodix PAS and Scodix RSP to bring the widest choice of Scodix embellishment applications available on a single press.

The primary distinction between the new presses lies in their formats: the Scodix Ultra 2500, Powered by SHD is available in a B2 (28-inch) size whilst the Ultra 6000 is in a B1 (41-inch format). Both presses, however, can be managed by a single operator, boosting the ease of use for print providers.

Eli Grinberg, Scodix CEO and Co-Founder, asserts, “With over 400 successful installs across the globe, we stand as the most proven enhancement technology in the market. However, we refuse to settle in that position, we are committed to elevating digital enhancement and driving the success of our customers even further. With these new products and technologies, we’re not just leading the pack – we’re setting the pace for the future of embellishment. And we are delighted to showcase all this at drupa!”

Join the excitement on stand E11 in Hall 5 at drupa from May 28th to June 7th, 2024, and witness firsthand the unmatched power of Scodix’ new enhancement technology.


Press images:

Scodix is launching the Scodix Ultra 2500 SHD B2 format press at drupa
Scodix aims to set the new industry standard with its Scodix Ultra 6500 SHD press.
Scodix MLE opens a whole new dimension for embellishments on uncoated paper.
Scodix Transparent is one of six new applications launched by Scodix, its presses now offer an unmatched 16 embellishment options on a single platform.

About Scodix

Scodix Ltd. is the world leader in digital embellishments. With a proven and successful customer base exceeding 400 across the globe, Scodix has shaped the advancement of the digital enhancement industry since its inception in 2007.

The Scodix Ultra series of presses offer 16 embellishment applications from a single platform.

With certifications for recyclable, repulpable and minimal environment impact, Scodix presses elevate the sustainability standards for printers and converters through verified results and accreditations.

The Scodix Ultra series offers precision embellishments across industries from commercial print, web-to-print, publishing and folding carton packaging. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Scodix continues to prove the way for the future of embellishments.

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