Ricoh launches Unravel Your Print Workflow to streamline operations and enhance productivity

Ricoh’s Unravel Your Print Workflow educational programme will help unlock benefits and new business opportunities.

Webinars to offer expert advice on how to simplify essential processes

Ricoh Europe, London, 06 October 2022 – Ricoh Europe today announced its Unravel Your Print Workflow educational programme, a series of webinars on how to develop a smooth workflow that unlocks cost, efficiency, productivity and margin benefits, as well as new business opportunities.

Print production infrastructures evolve over time as software solutions are added to existing investments. This accumulation can often mean complex procedures and processes that create a bumpy end to end workflow. However, smooth, streamlined, uncomplicated workflow is essential to an efficient and productive print environment.

To answer this need, a series of three live educational webinars, taking place in October, November and December, will focus on how print businesses can further streamline their processes and enhance their automation. They are supported by six highly practical and informative ebooks which are guides to the different stages of the full workflow process.

The webinars will expand on how it is possible for print businesses to create efficient integrated workflow systems.

Webinar overviews:

  • Webinar 1: Ecosystem on October 20th. It will highlight the importance of a smooth hand off for each of the five print production stages – input, manage, prepare, produce, output – in creating profitable efficiency.
  • Webinar 2: Input – Manage – Prepare on November 17. This will look at the role of effective catch all solutions in accepting incoming jobs.
  • Webinar 3: Produce – Output on December 7. This will explore the importance of various areas, such as batching, that can enable time and cost savings through minimising material use and maximising print floor resources as well as enabling faster production times.

The webinars will feature insight, guidance, and best practice from independent experts Ralf Schlözer, print analyst with 30 years experience, Geert Fransen, corporate marketing technology manager at Unifiedpost Group, and Arndt Eschenlohr, print industry veteran and founder of e-commerce consultancy Escon.

Eef de Ridder, Vice President, Graphic Communications, Ricoh Europe, comments: “As print operations have evolved, expanded their services, and invested in new technology, their workflow has had to adapt in response. Very often these changes are made at the time to meet the immediate needs of the business. The resulting procedures are developed with each new step rather than completely reviewed or updated to create the smoothest process. With this series of webinars, and six comprehensive ebooks, attendees can access expertise that will enable them to see how they can unravel their print workflow to simplify processes for the most efficient end to end operation. Allowing them to enjoy significant benefits as a result.”

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