New service app from WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


The new service app from WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH. Available now as a native app for iOS and Android, as a web app and as a browser app.

At the beginning of 2023, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, an internationally renowned manufacturer of varnishes, inks and adhesives for the graphic arts industry, is changing its product numbering system, which has been well-known for many years. To make this process easier for customers, the company has developed a smart service app that is now available free of charge.

The new product numbering system has been rolled out since January 01, 2023 and will fully replace the old system. According to the company, the primary reasons for this necessary changeover were the lack of flexibility and capacity of the old, six-digit numbering system. Bastian Pinsenschaum, Head of Technical Service at the company, comments: "After many years, and also against the background of the new and expanded production facilities in the WB and UV segments and the associated catalog expansions, we have decided to completely overhaul our product numbering system. For this purpose, we have re-evaluated our entire catalog and developed a speaking product numbering system. This means that from the new product numbers, both the gloss value of the respective product and the product group, i.e. the underlying technology, as well as the application process for which this product was developed, can be read out on the basis of a logical key. It is important to note that only the product numbers have changed. The formulations of our products have of course remained unchanged, and the associated certificates have thus been retained in the new numbering system."

The company's water-based coatings, inks, adhesives and related products have already been transferred to the new product numbering system since January 1, 2023 and can be ordered under the new product numbers with immediate effect. SENOSCREEN® screen printing varnishes were already converted to the new system in 2022. All other products will follow at the coming turn of the year.

Arno Dürr, Sales Manager of the company on the new system: "We are of course aware that the implementation of a new product numbering system is not an easy process, even for our customers. That is why we have developed our new WEILBURGER service app to assist them in parallel with the product number changeover. This app offers our customers a great deal of added value, makes the calculation and ordering process much easier and, of course, already knows and can handle our new product numbers. For this purpose, we have integrated a product number converter into the app, with the help of which our customers can easily and smoothly translate our old product numbers into the new product numbers that are valid now. We have also integrated our popular coating quantity calculator into this new service app and also greatly expanded its range of functions. In addition to pure coating calculation, our customers can now also fully calculate print coatings and the required pigment quantities for pigmented coatings. Here we have even gone so far as to first categorize all the pigments we offer and can now also automatically determine the suitable anilox rollers depending on the selected pigment. Our new service app knows this data of course and warns our customers in the calculation process when the selected anilox roller does not match the selected pigment. This simplifies the planning process for our customers enormously, as the question of the suitable anilox roller for pigment coatings was a very frequent query to our technical support. Now, depending on the existing anilox roller stock, the appropriate anilox roller can be selected during the planning and calculation process and the correct coating and pigment quantities for each print job can be determined instantly. The required data sheets and certificates can be ordered at the same time and even prices can be calculated exemplarily."

Arno Dürr continues: "We see this service app as a useful extension of our familiar and proven service offer. That's why the new service app is also designed in such a way that, after entering their contact details, our customers can immediately get in direct contact with their local and personal contact for technical service & support as well as for inquiries and orders. The app thus serves as a direct and smart interface between our customers and our global teams. We have also ensured that all inquiries can be processed quite easily and in compliance with the GDPR via our customers' regular mail system and can thus also be processed and archived at any time via the respective in-house ERP, CRM or order systems."

In addition, the company's new service app offers plenty of further information, an overview of the entire product catalog, a product class finder and much more.

The new service app is currently available in German and English as an iOS app for Apple iPhones, iPads and Silicon Macs, as an Android app for Android smartphones and tablets, and as a web app and browser version. Other languages and platforms will follow shortly.

Alexander Günzel, Product Manager at WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, concludes: "Our new service app is designed to serve our customers - from order planning and purchasing to production management - as a daily assistant and a direct interface to our Technical Service & Support. Through regular updates, it will also provide a complete reflection of our current product range. We hope that our new app will be embraced by our customers and can thus take on a central role in our service range."


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The WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH product range always up to date and the direct line to the company's in-ternational support for almost all end devices.
The new, speaking product numbering system from WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH – simple, understandable, dynamically expandable.

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