Innovative product extension meets current requirements of sublimation printing


Sappi sets a new milestone in the textile printing industry with Transjet Tacky Industrial and Basejet.

Sappi, a leading global provider of sustainable woodfibre products and solutions, offers Transjet Tacky Industrial, a coated dye sublimation paper for digital transfer printing, specially developed for high-speed inkjet printing on highly elastic textiles. Also new is the uncoated dye sublimation paper Basejet, which has been developed for light designs for high-speed digital printing of fashion and home textiles.

  • Transjet Tacky Industrial: Immediate tack effect, high ink transfer, fast ink drying; no ghosting on elastic textiles thanks to reversible tack
  • Basejet: Consistent print quality for light designs, fast ink-drying, very fast transfer process

Transjet Tacky Industrial enables highly elastic fabrics to be printed on industrial high-speed machines that work with a higher glycol content, such as printheads from Kyocera. The paper is first printed with the desired image or pattern which is then transferred to the elastic polyester fabric by means of heat and pressure.


Long-awaited solution for the textile industry

The new dye sublimation paper offers many benefits for the textile industry, which frequently has to adapt to changing trends. As it is suitable for use on high-speed digital printers, significantly more designs can be printed in the same time than was previously possible on plotters. Thanks to a special heat-reactive coating, the paper adheres to highly stretchable content, while the reversible tack prevents ghosting and textile shrinkage. Transjet Tacky
Industrial has a high ink load capacity so the print can be better accentuated due to strong
colour saturation. The design remains clearly visible when the fabric is stretched to its maximum, which is often the case with sportswear in particular.

Sappi has also thought of the environment with Transjet Tacky Industrial. The paper consists of 100 per cent recyclable cellulose, and all versions are FSC certified. Transjet Tacky Industrial is available in 100g/m2 in plotter and jumbo rolls up to a width of 3.2 metres. The product will soon also be available in a 70 g/m2 grammage.


Basejet specially for light designs

Sappi has also added the Basejet uncoated dye sublimation paper to its portfolio, an additional solution for the digital printing of fashion and home textiles in consistent print quality. The uncoated dye sublimation paper is intended in particular for light designs and cost-driven production processes.

Available in grammages of 20, 30, 40 and 50 g/m², Basejet offers significant grammage benefits and enables reduced downtime and shorter transfer times. Basejet is made from 100 per cent recyclable cellulose and is FSC certified. The sublimation paper is available in all standard roll widths up to 3.2 metres and in a range of diameters.


Close to customers

Sappi not only provides the most suitable sublimation paper for every type of application, but also offers expert colour management support. Specialised, experienced engineers help to optimise the entire production process to ensure optimal results.

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About sappi

Sappi is a global diversified woodfibre company focused on providing dissolving pulp, packaging and speciality papers, graphic papers, as well as biomaterials and biochemicals to our direct and indirect customer base across more than 150 countries.

Our dissolving pulp products are used worldwide by converters to create viscose fibre for fashionable clothing and textiles, pharmaceutical products, as well as a wide range of consumer and household products. Quality packaging and speciality papers are used in the manufacture of such products as soup sachets, luxury carry bags, cosmetic and confectionery packaging, boxes for agricultural products for export, tissue wadding for household tissue products and casting and release papers used by suppliers to the fashion, textiles, automobile and household industries. Our market-leading range of coated and uncoated graphic paper products are used by printers in the production of books, brochures, magazines, catalogues, direct mail, newspapers and many other print applications.

The wood and pulp needed for our products are either produced within Sappi or brought from accredited suppliers. Across the group, Sappi is close to 'pulp neutral', meaning that we sell almost as much pulp as we buy.

Our industry is on the cusp of a period of unprecedented change and we’re at the forefront of technological innovation. By investing in an ambitious programme of research and development, we’ll continue to unlock the true potential of sustainable renewable resources, with woodfibre at our core. This commitment means we can diversify our product offering and meet future demand in areas such as bio-energy and pharmaceuticals in this current carbon-constrained age.

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