DALIM SOFTWARE to launch next-gen DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST production workflow products at drupa 2024

A new generation of software for a new generation of print  to be demonstrated at Hall 16/A40 and Hall 7a/D01

DALIM SOFTWARE (www.dalim.com), a leading provider of software solutions for creating, producing, and managing print and digital content, will be showcasing its next-generation platform, comprising the renowned DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST products, at drupa 2024, stands Hall 16/A40 and Hall 7a/D01, demonstrating how businesses can streamline their production operations for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

As the demand for content continues to skyrocket across various formats and channels, businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in scaling their operations to meet these growing needs. Many organizations are finding that their existing in-house developed solutions and legacy systems are limiting their ability to expand their offerings and scale production effectively. This realization has led to a critical evaluation of their technology investments, with a focus on finding versatile, scalable solutions that can be easily integrated and built upon.

In this evolving landscape, the 'buy vs. build' debate has taken centre stage, with integration capabilities and platform consolidation becoming more crucial than ever. Companies are recognizing the need for highly flexible solutions that offer an intuitive user experience and powerful automation capabilities, allowing them to focus on their core business offerings while expanding their capabilities. DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST address these challenges head-on, providing a re-invented content lifecycle production platform with unlimited scalability, empowering businesses to meet the demands of the digital revolution in both print and online.

The new software is built on a unique platform embracing what DALIM SOFTWARE calls its future-proof MACH architecture:

  • Micro-services: for flexibility, and optimized up and down scalability
  • API-first: enabling seamless integration of any platform component with existing systems
  • Cloud native: for 24/7 access from anywhere under proven security and smart auto-scaling, without managing a complex IT infrastructure
  • Headless: for advanced users who can build their own tailored applications and UX/UI

While new print applications and device types continue to emerge and legacy print systems consolidate, the world of print production is evolving rapidly. Workflow solutions must now catch up with hardware advancements, a reversal of the previous challenge. By leveraging the MACH framework, DALIM SOFTWARE's platform can handle any volume while maintaining high-quality output, ensuring process efficiency, and optimizing resources in a faster, better, and smarter way. The platform is designed to meet the demands of the next generation of production obstacles, supporting businesses in their quest to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape.

"Print providers, agencies, and brands face daily challenges with high volume and diverse content demands. Distributed teams and customers require solutions that enable work from anywhere. DALIM SOFTWARE's platform focuses on solving any challenge, present or future," states Tim D'Elia, Director of Product Strategy. "Our customizable, scalable technology automates and streamlines tasks, allowing teams to focus on their strengths while workflow ensures error-free media. DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST, working together in our next-generation platform, can be applied to any process, improving operational performance, enabling scaling, and delivering the best quality."


DALIM ES: A complete, end-to-end solution for just about any print and online production challenges

DALIM ES provides an end-to-end solution for automating and managing the entire content lifecycle, from creation and collaboration to optimization and distribution, across various content production industries. It also has the most comprehensive browser-based review tool, with a colour-accurate viewer, detailed analysis tools, revision comparison, annotations, and approval workflow that streamlines processes, reduces costs and enhances quality. The new DALIM ES low-code application editor empowers advanced users to extend the system, creating custom solutions to address specific needs, customer experiences, or emerging market challenges. It simplifies the management of multiple brands, content types, and channels by providing an adaptive centralized platform, streamlined workflows, and automated processes. In doing so, DALIM ES saves time and reduces manual effort, for a faster time-to-market, allowing teams to focus on higher-value tasks.


DALIM TWIST: Production automation for virtually any print or online output

For decades, DALIM TWIST has helped a wide range of users automate time-consuming prepress processes from preflighting, to final file prep for output, to any print or online medium, eliminating manual errors in the process. The next-generation DALIM TWIST, with its modern architecture, will help organizations scale up their operations to meet peak performance challenges, and down to help towards sustainability goals. DALIM TWIST can be integrated with a wide range of hardware and software, including existing systems and digital print devices. In addition, TWIST DRIVE, an API-based tool that easily fits into existing production workflows, can help scale and process reliable quality checks & fixes of up to millions of PDF pages per day.

"Since introducing DALIM TWIST as the first graphical interface production workflow at drupa 1995, DALIM SOFTWARE has consistently focused on developing highly configurable software that adapts to any need or situation, empowering businesses to tailor solutions to their unique requirements. In a sense, we were enabling people to train machines to assist them with tasks long before the AI revolution we see today. We believe that we make heroes of our direct customers by providing them with the tools to easily create automated solutions for complex challenges. It's why DALIM SOFTWARE is proud to have so many long-standing customer relationships," explains Carol Werlé, DALIM SOFTWARE Chief Executive Officer. "DALIM SOFTWARE continues its innovative and award-winning mission of helping businesses achieve maximum productivity from their hardware and teams through scalable, automated production workflow systems. We simplify the process by offering one adaptable platform with multiple solutions to manage any digital format and generate high-quality output for both online and offline (print) channels. Present at drupa since 1990, our roots are in print. At drupa 2024, we look forward to showing our exciting new approach to building solutions for companies in search of future-proof solutions that are designed to last and sustain production constraints in an ever-changing media world.”

To schedule a specific drupa visit or demo to see how the DALIM platform handles online assets, collaboration and content production automation for printers, packaging companies, publishers, multichannel brands, marketing agencies, and much more, visit drupa.dalim.com.


DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH, headquartered in Kehl, Germany, offers highly efficient, scalable software solutions for creating, producing, and managing cross-media content, focusing on globally operating companies in the consumer goods, printing, media, and communication industries.

Since 1985, the world's most prominent publishers, publication printers, agencies, and brand owners can be found among the company's customers, as well as a variety of quality- and service-oriented premedia companies and printers of all sizes. They all utilize DALIM SOFTWARE's innovative technologies to the fullest extent.

DALIM SOFTWARE produces the exceptionally productive, modular, and scalable DALIM ES and DALIM TWIST software engines and the award-winning DALIM DIALOGUE viewer, which is central to DALIM ES, allowing for tailored, collaborative solutions for content production. Their fully customizable interfaces and API approach enable users to integrate into customer-facing applications and seamlessly connect to business processes.

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