About QR code

What is this image?

An image like this is called a “QR code”. It represents a text, a phone number or the web address (URL) of a single HTML page. The image shown on the left stands for „www.printerslounge.com/en“.

We have integrated now QR codes into our advanced company profiles

This means that each company, that already has published their advanced company profile (free), will get two individual QR codes - one for each language (English/German). Customers and prospective buyers are able then to decode this codes via their smartphones and get linked to the related company profiles automatically.

What can you do with it?

Beneath each QR code of your company you will find a link "download QR Code". Use this to download your individual QR code in high-resolution to make use of it in emails, direct mails, advertising, PR and marketing campaigns (also in print) to lead your customers and prospective buyers to your advanced company profile at PrintersLounge with all relevant information and links to all of your published contents.

What you need

  • A mobile phone with a camera
  • A mobile phone with internet access if you want to go straight online
  • A QR code reader installed on the phone

There may not be a QR code reader for some models of mobile phones.

Downloads of readers

We suggest you try these two websites, although others may offer a similar service


Further information

For more details, see the Wikipedia article on QR code.


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