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As a member of the PrintersLounge you now have the chance to publish your own recommendation on each entry page of our thirteen categories.

To do so you'll need a good, business-style picture of your own (see our samples on each category) with a minimum resolution of 250 x 400 pixels (width x height) or bigger but with the same ratio (5:8) and at least the basic membership.

Follow the link at the end of this page to open the recommendation form, select your picture with the file browser and fill out all the fields. Select the PrintersLounge category which you would like to recommend to other users and guests with the drop-down menu and then write your recommendation. Please keep it as brief as possible (not more than 60 words). Please also bear in mind that this text should get published as a recommendation for the selected category.

Click on 'Preview' and double-check everything again. If everything seems to be all right, click on 'Submit' to upload your recommendation to our server.

Note: our admins will verify all recommendations before they are released. Recommendations with contents which are improper or too long and with improper picture material will be rejected. All published recommendations are visible to internal members, guests, search engines and other visitors and will have direct links to your personal profile page (for on-line members) and your personal referrer link (for guests). Guests who follow your recommendation and register for an account of their own will be listed in your personal referrer list afterwards. So each published recommendation will have a tremendous marketing effect for your own and also for your company and can be used also to make money for you in a few weeks, after the official start of our affiliate program.

Feel free to send as many recommendations as you like for each category.

Create your own recommendation right now!

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