PrintersLounge - Managed Accounts

No time to promote your business?
We have your solution!

Just use our new managed account option and we'll manage your account and publish all contents for you in future.

Our managed account option is a free and integrated function of our Premium and Sponsor Accounts.

To use this option just enhance your membership to Premium or Sponsor using our Upgrade function. If you're not a member of the PrintersLounge yet please register for the free account first and upgrade at your first log in.

How it works:

First you should complete your profile information. Or just let us do that also for you. In case of requests or in need of further data material such as your logo or your avatar we'll contact you by e-mail.

To manage your account we'll start with your profile and your advanced company listing by optimizing your information for search engines for best marketing purposes.

If you want to use the integrated banner advertising option for your company just send us your banners and the related target link by mail and we'll publish them for you.

Then you need to send us all further contents we should publish for you simply by e-mail. Please use for english contents and for german contents.

With the account management option we'll publish and manage following contents for you:
  • PR & News
  • white papers
  • print jobs
  • marketplace entries
  • job offers
  • events
  • banners/ads
  • your profile information
  • and advanced company listings
All public contents will get optimized for search engines. Advanced company listings will get optimized for Google Maps and Google Earth additionally so they are trackable there as complete company listings with your logo and further information.

PR & News will get optimized also for Google News and will be published at Google News just minutes after publication at PrintersLounge inclusive related press images. This alone will give you millions of potential readers worldwide.

Furthermore all contents of the PrintersLounge will be published also at cross-linked portals and networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more.

Banner management included

With our Premium and Sponsor accounts you can also use our integrated banner management. So you're allowed to publish and manage your advertising in the Lounge by yourself our you can also let us do this for you. To do so just send us your banner ads based on our specifications and our editorial office will optimize and publish them for you.

So we can support you with our PrintersLounge and our managed account option with best in class marketing and press service without any use of time.
And you're also allowed to use an automated e-mail or newsletter system to send us your most recent contents for publication.

Our Premium Membership incl. managed account option is available for just Euros 24.99 per month with unlimited content publications for all categories, banner advertising and statistical evaluations.

Register now using our Upgrade page or simply send us an e-mail at and we'll contact you immediately.

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