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At PrintersLounge you can upload and manage your own banners for the PrintersLounge network by your own.

Banner advertising is available for Advertiser, Premium and Sponsor Accounts.
So you can get a full year advertising period in the Lounge with full banner management and statistics for just 14,99 Euros per month.

To become an advertisier you need to register first for your free account if you haven't already done and then upgrade to at least the Advertising account.

Or simply use our fax form:

And if you want us to manage your banners just sign up for the premium account with our managed account option and we'll take care for all your banners and other contents.

Banner management

At the moment our banner management includes only vertical and horizontal image banner formats and with fixed width and variable height.
If you're also interested in special advertising formats and/or Flash banners please contact us.

To publish your banners you need your ads as image files (JPG, PNG, GIF, animated GIF) and with following dimensions.

Vertical:  180px  180px  180px

30 - 625px
Horizontal: max. 560px
max. 120px 1272456324

Your banner title is only a reference for our admins and should include your banner ID, your company name and the language in which your banner should get published (German/English) such as 'Banner 1 - Your company - ENG'.

To upload your banner go to 'my banners'->'add' and enter your banner title as described. Enter your target link in the 'Click-through destination URL' field and select your banner image with the file browser.

Double-check all again, leave the 'Notify site administrator' selected and click on 'Upload'.

Our admins will then check your data and activate your banner if all is fine.

Note: you can upload as many banners as you want in both languages. More than one active banner per language will mean that the chance per banner will get reduced to produce fair results for all advertisers.

For each of your advertisements you are able to view live statistics (daily, weekly, and total statistics). The column 'views' shows how many times your ad has been displayed to visitors of this web site. The column 'click' shows how many times a visitor has clicked your ad and been redirected to your website. The column '%' is what percentage of ad views result in a click-through.

It is possible to throttle your ad to prevent it from being displayed more than a certain number of times in one day. In the 'max views' column you can enter a number in the 'day' or 'week' column, then click 'Update' below.

If you are interested in automatically receiving emails that summarize your ad's activity, put a check mark in the 'notify' column. To receive daily emails, put a check in the 'today' row. To receive weekly emails, put a check in the 'this week' row. Finally, it is possible to enable or disable your ad in real time with the drop-down menu. After making any changes, be sure to click 'Update' for the ad that you have modified.

For further information feel free to contact us.


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