About PrintersLounge

The PrintersLounge is a brand new, independent network with the ambitious intention of becoming the world's most comprehensive professional platform for the printing industry.

The idea behind this – originated exactly three years ago now – was to build a single network for all print-related markets and target groups along the whole value and production chain - starting with print buyers and ending with the global players in the industry - and provide the platform with a veritable cornucopia of fantastic features and possibilities to promote everyone’s business.

Three years of market analysis and statistics, research and development including hundreds of hours of exhaustive discussion with our long-standing network partners from the print and media industry and a few zillion miles of program code are now behind us. But a lot of hard work in promotion, marketing, management and communication is still awaiting.

We really hope that PrintersLounge membership will become a must-have for all companies in the near future. And believe us - we're doing our level best to achieve that aim.

At the moment PrintersLounge is optimized for:
  • Printers
  • Converters
  • Refiners/Finishers
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Paper/Board manufacturers
  • Ink/Coating manufacturers
  • Foil manufacturers
  • Glue manufacturers
  • Pigment manufacturers
  • Plate manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Traders/Retailers
  • Prepress services
  • Production managers/Consultants
  • Designers/Agencies/Creatives
  • Educational institutions
  • Research institutions
  • Print buyers/Clients
  • Media/Journalists
  • Alliances/Organizations
  • Transport/Logistic services

So please have a look and register for free for your own account right now!

Hoping to see you soon!

Best regards,

The PrintersLounge management team

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