WEILBURGER Graphics launches new film laminating adhesive

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The new SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 375224 in the application.

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, based in Gerhardshofen, Franconia, has developed a new, self-cross-linking film laminating adhesive for use in the indirect food packaging. In contrast to the previous two-component adhesives, this new generation of self-cross-linking film laminating adhesive guaranteed initial and final adhesive even without the addition of hardener. The adhesive is embossing-proof and creasing able and can be optionally processed for the application with special films. Another advantage of the new SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 375224 is the common chemical basis of the new adhesive with the already established SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE 375207. Thus, the expensive wash cycle can be omitted when converting the adhesive plant to packaging which are not suitable for food packaging which again saves time and money.


The new SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 375224 is available with immediate effect. Related data sheets, application instructions and the certificate of compliance for the adhesive can be requested over WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH.


Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the new film laminating adhesive: “Based on the market requirements and wishes of our customers, we also have developed our new self-cross-linking single-component, film laminating adhesive according to the latest industry standard and optimized them for food packaging. The now available SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 375224 is therefore the result of our consciously deep cooperation with our customers and thus corresponds exactly the current requirements of the market in terms of function and application. Especially the common chemical basis with our previous two-component adhesives with excellent processing and adhesion properties has been recognized by our customers as breakthrough in daily application as well as contributes to the optimization of processes and thus to cost savings for our customers.”

About WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH:

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Weilburger ist einer der bedeutendsten Entwickler und Hersteller von Funktionsbeschichtungen und -lacken für Industriegüter und Konsumgüter wie auch von Spezialbeschichtungen für die grafische Industrie. Überall, weltweit und in allen Industriezweigen, schaffen Weilburger Beschichtungslösungen Werte und überzeugende Produktvorteile. Sie erhalten und schützen, verbessern Funktionen und verschönern. Ihren Produkten geben sie die unverwechselbare Optik wie auch Haptik. Sie arbeiten auf Metall wie auch auf Kunststoff, auf Holz und Folie wie auch auf Glas, Keramik oder Papier und Kartonage. ►Weilburger Funktionsbeschichtungen und -lacke schaffen Oberflächen, die weltweit Menschen überzeugen.


Company: WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH
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Submitted by Arno Duerr on Sun, 2018-02-18 16:34.
Am Rosenbühl 5
91466 Gerhardshofen

Contact person:

Arno Dürr
Position: Sales Director
Contact phone: +49 9163 9992-200
Contact e-mail: a.duerr[at]weilburger-graphics.de



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