The 3rd Worldwide Partners Meeting of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH

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Group photo for the 3. Worldwide Partners Meeting of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH.

Gerhardshofen, November 17th 2017 – From November 6th – 7th, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, based in Gerhardshofen, Franconia, has now hosted its Worldwide Partners Meeting for the third time which takes place every two years. All of the company’s worldwide sales partners will be invited to a joint networking event to introduce new products from the globally operating specialist for varnishes, inks and adhesives for the printing industry and to exchange information on trends in the printing industry as well as the direct contact and to support the exchange of all sales partners. Also, this year the event was very well attended and only very few sales partners were unable to attend due to scheduling or political reasons.

This year, the partners came from Brazil, China, Finland, France, Iran, Israel, Italy, Columbia, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Czech Republic, Hungary as well as United Arab Emirates.


The detailed program:


Monday, 6th November 2017

12.00          Come-Together and lunchtime snack


13.00          Company Presentation

                   Günter Korbacher,

                   WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


13.30          Lecture “Product Safety”,

                   Dr. Christine Spitzlei and Tobias Körmer,

                   WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


14.15          Coffee break


14.45          Lecture “Success story Anoop – Weilburger”,

                   Gandhi Suresh Babu,

                   Anoop Plastic Products


15.30          Product range and Topseller

                   Rainer Seibel-Birkholz, Bastian Schäfer,

                   WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


17.00          End of day one


19.00          Short bus drive to Networking Dinner



Tuesday, 7th November 2017

09.00          Lecture „WEILBURGER Graphics – outlook to our future“,

                   Thomas Rathschlag,

                   WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


09.30          Coffee break


10.00          Product news and applications – WebEx conferences

                   Arno Dürr, Bastian Schäfer,

                   WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


11.00          Lab and company tour


12.00          Lunch break


12.45          Your topics


The company invited interested partners for a detailed lacquer training on the afternoon of the November 7th as well as on November 8th.


Günter Korbacher, Managing Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the successful event: “Already in it’s fifth year, we are setting up our Worldwide Partners Meeting today and we are delighted that so many of our global sales and service partners are taking their time and following our invitation to Gerhardshofen. Especially the direct personal contact with our partners is a guarantee of success for us and enables us to offer the same quality and the same service, even in areas where we may not speak their language, about our sales partners which our direct customers are used to.” Arno Dürr, Sales Manager of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH continued: “We also deliberately give a partner the opportunity to showcase their success story during this event, so that other attendants are able to participate and perhaps learn from it. This year, Gandhi Suresh Babu from Anoop Plastics Products of the United Arab Emirates was able to present us in an impressive way his success with our products. It is simply a pleasure to receive such feedback and we also take a lot from these partners meetings to sustainably optimize our products and service as well as our distribution channels.” Günter Korbacher concluded: “Our WebEx video conferencing service for our sales partners is such optimization which from the feedback from these biennial real meetings. From 2018, we will use it to communicate information about new products and classes even faster and to collaborate even more directly and intensively with our sales partners.”


Furter information:


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Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH at the opening of the event.



Participants of the 3rd Worldwide Partners Meeting.



Günter Korbacher, Managing Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH at the company presentation.



Dr. Christine Spitzlei, Head of Regulatory Affairs of WEILBURGER Graphics at her presentation.



Tobias Körmer, WEILBURGER Graphics at his presentation about gaschromatography.



Gandhi Suresh Babu, Anoop Plastic Products Trading Est. at the lecture with his success story with Weilburger products.



Lecture „Product range and topseller“, Rainer Seibel-Birkholz, Technical Service WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH



Thomas Rathschlag, Head of Laboratory of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH at his presentation on the latest and innovations and extensions of the company.



Bastian Schäfer, Head of Technical Service of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about new products and applications.



Common company tour in tow groups.



Numerous printing samples with inks and varnishes of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH.

About WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH:

On Top.

Weilburger ist einer der bedeutendsten Entwickler und Hersteller von Funktionsbeschichtungen und -lacken für Industriegüter und Konsumgüter wie auch von Spezialbeschichtungen für die grafische Industrie. Überall, weltweit und in allen Industriezweigen, schaffen Weilburger Beschichtungslösungen Werte und überzeugende Produktvorteile. Sie erhalten und schützen, verbessern Funktionen und verschönern. Ihren Produkten geben sie die unverwechselbare Optik wie auch Haptik. Sie arbeiten auf Metall wie auch auf Kunststoff, auf Holz und Folie wie auch auf Glas, Keramik oder Papier und Kartonage. ►Weilburger Funktionsbeschichtungen und -lacke schaffen Oberflächen, die weltweit Menschen überzeugen.

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