Successful fourth SENOFLEX®-Workshop of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH

This year, the fourth SENOFLEX®-Workshop of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, based in Gerhardshofen, Franconia, was again a great success. Almost forty participants attended the event and were able to discuss the latest trends, products and solutions in the range of the increasingly strong flexo printing.

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André Göpfert, Managing Director Göpfert Maschinen GmbH at his welcome speech.

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Also, this year the company invited top-class guest lecturer in addition to their own lectures. A main theme of the event was finished and high-valued packaging. Trends from the online trading were highlighted, solutions and feasibility scenarios were demonstrated as well as possibilities for their qualitative implementation. Together with the production partner Flint, Göpfert, Metsä Board, PANFLEX and THIMM a high-valued dispatch packaging was particular produced for the workshop in double-sided flexo post print with overall five inks and two coatings as well as a high finished corrugated board poster in black and gold with gloss coating and a haptic SENOSOFT® WB matt coating. The latter was printed at Göpfert live on a Göpfert – Caseline Model CL 11/25 – P Evolution Flowbelt Technology with direct-drive technology and vacuum transport on the second day of the event.


The program of the workshop:



10:00          Welcoming the guests,

                   Arno Dürr, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


10:15          Company presentation,

                   Arno Dürr, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


11:00          Lecture „SENOFLEX® in practice“,

                   Bernhard Arndt, Klaus Fleischmann,

                   WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH


12:00          Lunchtime snack with subsequent company tour


13:00          Lecture „E-Commerce global growth market and a bearer of hope of a new brand awareness”,

                   Philipp Eissner,

                   Flint Group Germany GmbH


14:00          Lecture „Trends and drivers in the corrugated board packaging“,

                   Stefan Kranz, Technical Service Director,

                   Metsä Board Deutschland GmbH


15:00          Coffee break


15:30          Lecture „Profit trough quality – save money, save time, minimize paper waste, quality control as improvement key“,

                   Bernd Kubiak,

                   Media-Display Consulting


16:30          End of the event


19:00          Common dinner at Landhotel Geiselwind





08:30          Welcome at Göpfert Maschinen GmbH


09.00          Company tour


10.00          Live demo with subsequent panel discussion and lunchtime snack


12.00          End of the event



Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH about the successful event: “We are very pleased about the lively interest of our customers in our workshops and seminars. Particularly for the SENOFLEX®-Workshop which has already organized this year for the fourth time. Barely ten years ago, flexography, especially the corrugated post print, was still a niche product and not very popular in the printing industry. This area has now become an almost exponentially increasing sector of the printing industry thanks to innovative technological solutions and materials. The qualities and finishes that are already feasible today in the flexo post print are enormous and there is no end in sight to this development.” Arno Dürr concluded “Of course, one of the main reasons for this is the international increasing online trade. In addition to the pure protection of the dispatched products, special finishing which are usually applied inside the packaging for theft protection as well as partly colorful printing the outside of packaging as unique selling propositions and marketing instruments for brand owners and online retailers are playing more and more frequently an increasingly important role. In the course of this year’s workshop, we wanted to identify this as well as possibilities for such realization by using our SENOFLEX® product range of inks and coatings for flexo printing but also demonstrate it with materials and machines from our cooperation partners.”

Arno Dürr concluded: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank very much once again at our outstanding speakers and partners for the event and the both demo jobs as well as especially a great praise to the company Göpfert for the impressive welcome on the second day of the event.”


Further information:


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Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH at the opening of the workshop.



Bernhard Arndt, Technical Sales WEILBURGER Graphics, with the dispatch box particular produced for the event before the original painting by Jo Di Bona, a pop art graffiti artist from Paris.



Klaus Fleischmann, Technical Sales WEILBURGER Graphics



Dr. Jutta Richter, Technical Director WEILBURGER Graphics, at the common company tour in two groups.



Philipp Eissner, Flint Group Germany GmbH



Stefan Kranz, Technical Service Director Metsä Board Deutschland GmbH



Bernd Kubiak, Media-Display Consulting



Common dinner at Landhotel Geiselwind



Welcoming at Göpfert Maschinen GmbH on the second day of the event.



André Göpfert, Managing Director Göpfert Maschinen GmbH at his welcome speech.



Live production of the highly finished corrugated board poster in corrugated board direct printing on a Göpfert – Caseline – P Evolution

About WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH:

On Top.

Weilburger is one of the most important developers and manufacturers of functional coatings and lacquers for industrial and consumer goods plus special coatings for the graphics industry. Weilburger coating solutions create values and convincing product benefits everywhere, worldwide and in all industrial sectors. They preserve and protect, enhance functions and embellish your products. They give your products an unmistakable look and feel. They work on metals, plastics, wood and foil and also on glass, ceramics, paper and cardboard. ►Weilburger functional coatings and lacquers create surfaces which are precisely what people worldwide are looking for.

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