New SENOFLEX® Inks and Coatings from WEILBURGER Graphics

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, based in Franconia (Germany) presents four new products and series from the SENOFLEX® Product range of inks and coatings for corrugated flexo.

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New SENOFLEX® Inks and Coatings from WEILBURGER Graphics

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Universal gloss coating for post-print flexo applications. 


This system has been proven in the market for a long time and distinguishes itself through the following features: 

  • Quick drying with good gloss results
  • High speed production even with low drying power
  • Outstanding for inline die-cutting processes
  • Excellent wet block resistance
  • Suitable for non-direct food contact applications
  • Superior rub and abrasion resistance



This extender was developed for applications where no varnish is applied but rub resistance above average is required.


The product stands out through the following characteristics:

  • The rub resistance of the inks is greatly improved when they are combined with this extender instead of with a conventional extender
  • This means that in many cases a subsequent over-coating can be spared



This abrasion resistance additive was specially formulated for applications where high ink densities are required.


This additive stands out through the following characteristic:

  • Significant improvement of the abrasion resistance particularly in inline processes over uncoated substrates.


Furthermore our company expanded its successful SENOFLEX WB INKS line by adding the new UHC mixing colors series 3954XX. UHC stands for “Ultra High Concentrated”


Characteristics of the SENOFLEX® INK SERIES UHC 3954xx from WEILBURGER Graphics:

  • High concentrated color system with extremely high color intensity
  • Almost all mixing colors are suitable for food packaging applications
  • Complete and comprehensive SENOFLEX® MIXING COLOR SERIES available
  • Excellent printability, brilliance and drying properties, particularly over very absorbent substrates
  • Universally adaptable by adding high quality extenders
  • Besonders hohe Ergiebigkeit und somit reduzierter Verbrauch


Arno Dürr, Sales Director at WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH commented regarding the SENOFLEX® WB Coatings and Inks: “Flexo plays an ever growing role in packaging and label printing and cannot be ignored in many market segments. Therefore we are both happy and proud that our specially formulated flexo inks and coatings are having an outstanding market acceptance and that our customers are giving us positive feedback in regards to the quality and performance of our products.” Arno Dürr continued: “The entry to the ink business with our SENOFLEX®-Mixing colors series was a big and well thought step, since only in combination with our high productivity inks can our flexo coatings show everything they can do”

About WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH:

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH is one the leaders in the field of print finishing for packaging, labels and job printing.

The company mainly produces for sheet-fed offset, head-set web offset and off-line coating, and for the screen printing, flexo gravure, narrow web and digital printing sectors. Its tailor-made products are available for the market segments involving packaging, labels and job printing. It also offers seminars and consultancy services.

WEILBURGER Graphics is a company of the GREBE Group, a medium-sized manufacturer of industrial coatings with twelve production facilities worldwide.

Company: WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH
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