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Newly produced card decks based on PVC and cardboard with the new water- and UV-based playing cards coatings of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH which give top playability, long-life and conform to the EN 71-3 norm.

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The WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH based in German Franconia introduces two new coatings for the production of playing cards to the market these days:


Water-based playing card coating for the double-sided varnishing of playing card cardboards


UV-curing playing card lacquer for the double-sided varnishing of PVC

Both coatings stand out due to good and homogeneous sliding properties, thus meeting the highest playability and fanning demands placed on the cards. In addition they provide an excellent protection against dirtying and mechanical stress.

Thanks to our selection of special raw materials, both coatings conform to then EN 71-3 norm, and are therefore suitable to be applied over children’s playing cards. Resistance against saliva and hand perspiration is also given.

Thanks to a special formulation both coatings are very block safe during production. There is a special future in the SENOLITH® UV PLAYING CARD SATIN MATT LACQUER FOR PVC 360355. Because of its satin matt surface the feared glass plate effect common in double sided UV coating is avoided. Thus, both coatings will satisfy the high demands of card players as well as the economic requirements of card manufacturers.

Arno Dürr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH regarding the both new coatings: “The production of high-quality playing cards follows its own rules in the graphic industry. To establish a product on the market which satisfies the high expectations and requirements of both producers and consumers is anything but easy. Both our new playing card coating formulations meet all these requirements and guarantee our customers consistent high quality and a long-life for their playing cards with economical production parameters.”

About WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH:

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH is one the leaders in the field of print finishing for packaging, labels and job printing.

The company mainly produces for sheet-fed offset, head-set web offset and off-line coating, and for the screen printing, flexo gravure, narrow web and digital printing sectors. Its tailor-made products are available for the market segments involving packaging, labels and job printing. It also offers seminars and consultancy services.

WEILBURGER Graphics is a company of the GREBE Group, a medium-sized manufacturer of industrial coatings with twelve production facilities worldwide.

Company: WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH
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