Baumer hhs - Improved safety and quality of packaging thanks to dynamic fail safe controls

Setting and maintaining high quality standards is currently the crucial role with regard to packaging systems with high throughput rates. This especially applies where the protection and preservation of health are concerned: in medical technology, food and beverage industries. However, mix-ups, at a minimum, affect the efficiency of a system in less sensitive sectors as well and lead to costly complaints. For this reason, Baumer hhs focuses all engineering investments beyond merely using basic sensors to monitor its systems, rather it has always used intelligent mechanisms that only enable an approval to be given when all quality criteria have been met without exception. With over 25 years of experience, Baumer hhs is a leader in the field of quality control in the production of folding cartons and print finishing.

Mix-ups are one of the most typical problems occurring with industrial packaging systems. Cartons, blister packs and other containers are filled incompletely or with the wrong product and, in the worst case scenario, end up incorrectly declared in the hands of the customer or consumer. The consequences are not always as serious as with pills and other medical or pharmaceutical products. Consumers trust that the packaging contains exactly what its label promises. In addition, if the wrong composition of individual parts in multi-packs occurs, such as incorrect or missing product information or package inserts, it is certain to entail a number of complications. That reason alone is enough to counter this risk with a greater level of attention. Recalls are financially costly and also may severely damage a company's image in the industry.

High requirements due to GMP guidelines

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) guidelines apply to the production of food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals and medical productions worldwide. Among other things, they require measures to prevent cross-contamination and mix-ups. One way to p ...

PrintCity to give Value Added Packaging inspiration - Viscom Frankfurt 2012 – October 25

PrintCity Alliance Managing Director Rainer Kuhn will be presenting the latest trends and opportunities for Value Added Printing & Packaging at a Viscom Symposium on October 25, during this year’s Viscom fair in Frankfurt.

A broad range of special samples have been created within the PrintCity Value Added Packaging (VAPack) initiative to give inspiration to designers, brand owners and marketers. At the Symposium titled Customer Attraction at the Point of Sale – Actual Trends, Rainer Kuhn will show how Value Added Printing & Packaging can provide differentiation and create an incentive for customers to buy.

More information on this special event is at:

PrintCity Value Added Packaging – world leading combined experience

The PrintCity VAPack project has been active for two years now and includes the combined knowledge & experience of leading suppliers of materials and equipment. It focuses on the needs of brand owners & designers to give inspiration, to open discussions on the latest opportunities & benefits in using value added packaging techniques.


Esko launches Automation Engine 12

Dynamic prepress workflow completes Odystar/Nexus/BackStage integration; now fully automated workflow for hybrid press jobs

Esko ( announces full details of  Automation Engine 12, a major component of the Suite 12 software for the packaging, label, sign making and display industries, which was launched at drupa 2012.

Automation Engine 12 takes workflow automation to the next level. Esko has completed the promised integration of its three legacy workflow applications - BackStage, Nexus and Odystar - into one single platform. Customers using these servers can now upgrade to Automation Engine 12 and benefit from its robust and scalable, fully database-driven framework, while maintaining their current workflows.
In addition, Automation Engine 12 achieves standout performance from all other products in the market by being the first to provide full workflow automation for jobs that combine multiple printing techniques. This allows for complete automation of complex packaging print jobs for the first time. Parameters such as trapping, preflighting and distortion can all differ depending on the printing process.  Using Automation Engine 12, a printing process can be assigned to every separation in the file if necessary. ...

PrintCity Value Added Packaging power for Océ Production Printing Event - September 25-28

PrintCity Alliance members invite visitors to ‘be inspired’ by their Value Added Packaging VAPack display and creative samples at the Océ Production Printing drupa Follow-up Event, Poing, Germany, in September 2012.

To attend, register at:

Join the Digital Future - Océ Production Printing Event

Don’t miss the Océ Production Printing drupa Follow-up Event in Poing from September 25 to 28. Learn more about the added value of integrated solutions covering the entire business value chain. Visitors will be introduced to, and see live demonstrations of, the revolutionary Océ InfiniStream® technology with its liquid toner technology that matches offset in its quality, productivity and media versatility.

This new technology targets the market for the digital printing of packaging. In parallel, at the Value Added Packaging Days powered by PrintCity visitors will meet recognized experts from the packaging industry, talk to substrate, workflow and finishing partners and get the low-down on the latest trends and solutions.

At the Event Exhibition, running from September 25 – 28, visitors can see:



Attendees at NIP28, Labelexpo Americas, Gravure Association of America, Digital Print for Packaging, and IMI Europe’s 20th Annual Ink Jet Printing Conference to Receive First-Hand Education on Landa Nanographic Printing™ Technology.

Rehovot, Israel, 4 September 2012 – Landa today announces that two of the company’s Nanography™ experts will participate in five upcoming speaking engagements, further affirming its commitment to education about this revolutionary category in digital printing. Attendees at IS&T’s International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies (NIP), Labelexpo Americas, Gravure Association of America, Smithers Pira’s Digital Print for Packaging, and IMI Europe’s 20th Annual European Ink Jet Conference will have the opportunity to learn the latest about Nanography from Landa’s Gilad Tzori, Vice President of Product Strategy; and Sharon Rothschild, Packaging Product Line and Segment Manager.

NIP28 (An IS&T Conference) - September 9-13, 2012, Quebec City, Quebec
Gilad Tzori, Vice President Product Strategy, Landa Digital Printing, will present the NIP28 afternoon keynote address, “The Nanographic Printing Process”, on Wednesday, September 12 at 2 pm. Tzori will focus on Landa’s breakthrough technology and the qualities of Landa Na ...

manroland sheetfed GmbH - “We buy performance…” says manroland sheetfed press customer

Since drupa, legendary press builders, manroland sheetfed, has seen a rise in enquiries for their printadvice® service, with new orders from Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Consider a near-perfect press with a 98% performance rating, a process organization that performs at 80% and a team performing at 70%. Though all factors show fairly high ratings individually, the press performance is actually only at 55% of its full potential. The press technology is only one of the factors, the organization in and around the pressroom as well as the people operating the presses all influence the actual output.

Firstly manroland sheetfed presses are designed so they can be upgraded at a later date with many additional options, if required. Once the press is in production the printadvice® team helps identify performance optimization potential through professional analysis of the OEE-press data and on-site expert reviews. Organizational performance can then be improved by experienced advisers who provide support in PSO standardization, press/prepress calibration and work processes optimization on site.

Known as the TOP program, after only one year of launching the service, manroland sheetfed already has around 100 current TOP projects worldwide. Feedback from customers is positive indicating that small improvements in eac ...

manroland sheetfed GmbH - We trust and rely on manroland..!

Taiwanese printing companies repeat press orders

A leading Taiwan enterprise, the Ting Hsin International Group, the largest instant noodle manufacture in the world, has been running 10 manroland sheetfed offset six-color ROLAND 700 presses and operating 3 shifts, for 23 hours continuously, every day since they set up their own printing house in 2007.

As Ting Hsin International’s products demand superior print quality and high volume production, after a series of rigorous tests and careful comparison with other well-known leading global press brands they once again ordered a six-color ROLAND 700 which not met but exceeded their requirements. The average output per machine per year is around 90 – 100 million sheets. The Ting Hsin International Group thanked manroland for helping them to achieve higher efficiency and higher productivity.

Another prestigious Taiwanese packaging print company, Shang Yang Printing, also demonstrated their trust in manroland sheetfed presses with a number of repeat orders. They ordered their first manroland six-color ROLAND 900 press with coating unit in the early 1990s, as their production requirements grew they purchased their second manroland sheetfed of ...

manroland sheetfed GmbH - More than 30% increase in productivity

Van den Brande Printing purchased a five-color ROLAND 500 HiPrint at the end of 2011, with a coating module, extended delivery and an infra-red and hot-air drying system. Productivity since then has increased by more than 30% and the quality is noticeably better. “Any printing company that works with manroland once will always work with manroland.”

Van den Brande Printing ( in Pulderbos, near Zandhoven,is a family business with 13 employees. It carries the slogan “Our presses workto lighten your work pressure” and manroland is honored that, in turn, it has beenable to lighten the workload of Manager Walter Van den Brande and his team, formany years. Van den Brande has various machines from the manroland rangegracing the workshop floors, a new Fujifilm Luxel V6 plate-setter with XMFworkflow, a Wohlenberg 92 cutting machine and recently a five-color ROLAND300 sheetfed press.

100 million sheets
Late in 2011, manroland delivered a new printing press to Van den Brande. “Foreight years, we were extremely happy with our ROLAND 305, but it was time foran update. When, with the help of manroland, we were able to sell the 305 forthe right price, so the investment in a new printing press was more than justified."Coating module

Following on was the five-color ROLAND 500 HiPrint, complete with coatingmodule, extended delivery and integrated infra-red and hot-air drying system.“The coating module is especially important for u ...


The PrintCity Alliance has made its new PRINT: SEEN! LEAN & GREEN industry reference book available to order in printed form. To request a copy in English or German languages visit

Using the headline SEEN! LEAN & GREEN™, PrintCity’s view of the future of print is that it will be an evolving mix of multiple scenarios for different market segments, economies and cultures. However, all of them will have a common need for a 2-part strategy to optimise their success.

Firstly, print must be seen, it needs to stand in its own right and be valued as a functional media. This needs to be underpinned with a combined lean & green manufacturing strategy to ensure its profitability and sustainability.

To reflect this dual strategy PrintCity has chosen an innovative 2-in-1 format that combines two related books into a single revolving back-to-back printed book.

Print retains many unique communication attributes that assure its future will be seen, valued and used within the media mix. It is not so much a choice between e-media or print, but rather what is their best com ...

At Labelexpo Americas 2012, Esko solutions offer label printers 'results that make you smile'

Booth showcases PantoneLIVE™ support, hybrid printing workflow, remote proofing solutions, and more new tools for tag and label printers

Miamisburg, OH (USA), July 2012 – At booth 5202, Esko ( will participate at Labelexpo Americas 2012 (September 11-13, Chicago) with its largest presence ever. Esko will demo a range of products and services that offer tag and label printers ‘Results that make you smile’ – the company’s campaign theme launched at drupa. In addition to a host of products introduced at drupa, the company is unveiling new solutions that will be of specific interest to tag and label printers.
“Over the past year Esko has been developing a number of new prepress applications for label printers working with flexo, digital, gravure or offset. We offer an extensive array of sophisticated software tools, flexo plate imagers and finishing systems. All of our solutions have one objective: to help companies optimize costs, streamline workflows and improve quality and consistency,” remarks Mark Quinlan, President, Esko Americas. “I am confident that any visitor to our booth will find a number of solutions capable of delivering results that will make them smile.” ...