PrintersLounge - inauguration of new on-line network for global printing and media industry

PrintersLounge starts public beta version

Dillingen/Saar, Germany, July 20 2009 –  For a few days now, in the form of the PrintersLounge, a new, comprehensive, globally oriented on-line portal for the printing and media sector has been under way. The PrintersLounge was developed by D&S – Dort und Schmitt – of Dillingen in the Federal German state of Saarland. Alexander Dort of D&S on the PrintersLounge: "The idea of providing a portal of this kind for the entire printing and media industry was conceived as far back as three years ago. At that time, there were only a few minor portals worldwide which were oriented towards this particular branch of industry, and it had been clear for a long time that the printing industry, the mother of mass communication, was not managing to stay a step ahead of the other communication media going into the twenty-first century. As we see it, the reasons for this were that the companies in the sector had been focusing much too much on their own medium and were much too afraid of – and to some extent perhaps lacked interest in – the new media which were, in the meantime, ...

Key patent for the LOTUS SF laminating machine from Steinemann Technology also confirmed in the opposition proceedings

Patented rear-edge detection rules out inaccurate cutting

A few days ago, the European Patent Office rejected in its entirety the opposition filed by a German company against a patent of Steinemann Technology AG, St. Gallen/Switzerland, thereby underlining the technologically leading role of the Swiss manufacturer in the laminating sector. As a result, the patent entitled 'Method and device for cutting a laminate' - granted to Steinemann Technology AG by the European Patent Office on 22 September 2004 (Patent Bulletin 2004/39) - continues to remain in unrestricted force.

The patent essentially includes the claim that "the cutting points are continuously and precisely detected, before lamination, by an edge sensor at the top, rear edge of the sheets, and the cutting function for the film is performed on the basis of the precisely detected edge signals" (excerpt from Claim 1, EP 1 282 510 B1). In view of this patent, Steinemann Technology alone has the right to offer a rear-edge sensor for detecting the cutting points in a shingle stream of consecutive sheets before the laminating operation. In its letter, the Opposition Division of the European Patent Office also expressed 'major doubts' regarding the 'pri ...

Natural balance - environmental protection and sustainability at WEILBURGER Graphics

Gerhardshofen, June 22nd 2009 – The bigger you get, the more responsibility you have to take on! Currently consisting of 11 companies both at home and abroad, the GREBE Group is among the leading providers of special varnishes worldwide. With a total of over 750 employees and an overall production volume of 34,000 tonnes of lacquers and coatings per year, the Group as a whole takes environmental protection very seriously.

Since the very beginning, environmentally sound production and the ongoing conservation of resources have been matters of great importance to WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH. In view of the growing shortage of raw materials resources and the increases in the prices of raw materials and energy connected with that shortage, varnish systems based on raw materials which are independent of mineral oil are becoming more and more important.

Now, with the help of its own in-house research and development department and in a direct dialogue with the suppliers, WEILBURGER Graphics has succeeded in developing water-based overprint varnish systems and making them ready for th ...

PrintCity Alliance Shows Benefits for Magazines from Value Added Printing

Gröbenzell, Germany, June 30, 2009 – Market research completed by the PPA (the UK Periodical Publishers Association) after the recent 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress in London, has shown that the Value Added Printing techniques demonstrated by PrintCity Alliance members within the innovative & interactive FIPP09 printed Congress programme had created a noticeable impact:
  • Over 70% of respondents said that Value Added Printing (VAP) technologies can help magazines to attract & retain advertisers ‘very much’ or ‘quite a lot’, and 46% felt that VAP can help magazines increase circulation & readership ‘quite a lot’
  • Regarding the better future linking of printed magazines and digital media, 71% felt that VAP techniques would help attract & retain advertisers &lsqu ...

PrintCity Alliance Enhanced Mission Statement

Gröbenzell, Germany, May 18, 2009 – The PrintCity Alliance has enhanced its Mission Statement to better reflect its members' synergies. In existence now for over 10 years, the alliance continues to focus on its members ‘connection of competence’ in terms of knowledge and activity sharing, to benefit all customers and end-users.
The enhanced Mission Statement focuses on the key benefits of PrintCity alliance membership – both for customers in terms of access to members shared knowledge and for members, to show the increasing synergies they can achieve. It will be seen frequently in its new form in all PrintCity materials, publications and events from mid-2009 onwards:
PrintCity is recognized as the 'connection of competence' strategic alliance across the entire printing, packaging & publishing value chain, promoting the value of print & packaging. ...